Microbiologically Induced Deterioration

Microbiologically Induced Deterioration and Protection of Concrete in Municipal Sewerage System: Technical Review

Abstract: Microbiologically induced deterioration (MID) of concrete sewers is a common problem that requires a considerable amount of rehabilitation investment every year. MID is the result of dilute sulfuric acid dissolving the cement matrix. The acid is produced by a complex series of chemical and biochemical reactions. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is produced by sulfur reducing bacteria (SRB) in the liquid phase, and then in time, this gas is converted by sulfur oxidizing bacteria (SOB) into sulfuric acid (H2SO4). The last conversion occurs above the liquid level under aerobic condition. The objective of this study is to present a literature review and authors’ experience on progress acquired over years in understanding causes and effects of MID of concrete in municipal sewerage systems, methods to prevent and control MID from happening, and rehabilitation of already damaged pipes and structures.

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