Crystal-X SuperPatch WP

Patching Material with Crystalline Technology
by CONmicSHIELD Technologies

Specially engineered fast setting, non-shrink, strong, waterproofing cementitious material, for concrete repair and waterproofing of concrete


Where to Use:

  • Sewer pipe

  • Manholes

  • Bridge decks

  • Parking structures

  • Dams

  • Piers

  • Industrial floors

  • Horizontal and formed vertical repairs


Features and Benefits:

  • One component-easy to use

  • Shrinkage compensated-reduces early shrinkage

  • High early and ultimate compressive strength

  • Compatible modulus to concrete substrate

  • Freeze/thaw durable

  • Improved placement and workability

  • High density provides low permeability minimizing infiltration of water and deicing chemicals (salt/chlorides) 


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