CONmicSHIELD® Is a proven technology for effective long term prevention of bacterial corrosion of concrete in highly corrosive (MIC) sanitary sewer environments.

Sulfuric acid produced by aerobic bacteria quickly corrodes concrete, resulting in severe damage.

Crystal-X is a liquid concrete additive designed to make new cementitious installations permanently watertight.

Concrete Additives & Sealer Solutions for Superior Concrete Protection & Durability

CONmicSHIELD® is "bio-tech armor" for concrete

Approximately 40% of all drainage structures in the US are made of concrete. Erosion of America’s wastewater systems by the effect of “Concrete Corrosion” is causing premature replacement of failed structures under highways causing expensive and disruptive repairs.

CONmicSHIELD® is a unique solution designed to stop the corrosion before it begins. Incorporated into the concrete mix like any liquid additive CONmicSHIELD® is a highly charged cationic polymer that is dosed directly into the concrete at the time of production. The concrete structure becomes inhospitable for bacteria and reduces their ability to convert the H2S (hydrogen sulfide gas) into H2SO4 (sulfuric acid). Since it is not a surface treatment, it cannot wash off, chip off, delaminate, or disbond. The protection is permanent and lasts just as long as the concrete.

Benefits of Specifying CONmicSHIELD®

  • DURABLE - CONmicSHIELD® inhibits the colonization and growth of acid-producing bacteria on concrete in sanitary sewers. Once ConShield is incorporated into the mix, protection is throughout the entire thickness of the concrete matrix, and the fortified structure will last for the life of the concrete.

  • INTERNAL PROTECTION - Since CONmicSHIELD® is fully incorporated into the concrete mix and is molecularly bonded to its ingredients, it lasts as long as the concrete. ConShield® is not a surface treatment; it is throughout the entire thickness of the pipe, manhole or structural lining.

  • COST EFFECTIVE - CONmicSHIELD® does not require spark testing, seam welding or adhesion tests. ConShield® costs less to install than coatings or linings since it is precision metered into the mix. Expensive field applications, testing and repairs are eliminated.

  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE - Since its first commercial use in concrete in 1996, ConShield® has provided long-term MIC corrosion protection to more than one-million square feet of concrete throughout the World.

  • QUALITY CONTROL - CONmicSHIELD® is provided through certified users who demonstrate their accurate and consistent procedures for mixing, processing and record verification.

  • QUALITY CONTROL - CONmicSHIELD® is available through certified precast concrete pipe and manhole producers, ready-mix suppliers, and rehabilitation specialists throughout the World.

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